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Our goal at Magpie Painting is to make your nest feel warm and personal, a beautiful enclave where your entire family will love spending time. The way we act in your home and as a business  –considerate, flexible, friendly, respectful – is as important to us as our
final product.

We think that when you walk into your home, it should feel like putting on a cozy sweater that fits you perfectly, and it should express your family's personality to the world outside. We're no different. When Anna was about 10, she wanted her room to feel like an island paradise, so she cut huge palm trees out of construction paper, painted a little ocean at the bottom of the wall, put some sand from her old sand box on the floor, and lit up a "sunset" with red light bulbs in her light fixtures. Jennie made her childhood room into a forest by painting tree branches reaching down from the ceiling, and covered her whole house with murals. We thank our parents from the bottom of our goofy-child hearts for allowing us the freedom to play!

And we've never stopped dreaming up ways to make rooms expressive. We're a little more refined in our tastes now – no more red light bulbs! –but still just as creative. Whether making a plaster fireplace look like natural wood, giving tired cabinets a contemporary look, or painting a whimsical nursery mural, we still feel like kids who get to play with paint all day. And we thank you for letting us do it!

A native Californian, Genevieve was an artist from the time she was old enough to pick up a pencil. After graduating with a BA in Studio Art from UC Santa Barbara, she moved to San Francisco and began working as a decorative painter. In 2000 started Magpie Painting and in 2010 expanded to Denver, Colorado. Genevieve is the mother of two young girls.


Soon after Anna gradutated with an MFA from the California College of the Arts in San Francisco (in 2000), she had the good fortune to meet Genevieve. The two of them painted together in the Bay Area for 10 years until Genevieve moved to Denver, but Anna kept her painting business going in the Silicon Valley for another 6 years. Now Anna is leaving California and bringing her family and her brushes to the beautiful Pikes Peak area and rejoining Genevieve!


Anna is the mother of 6 year old Bodi, a school volunteer, hiker and yoga practitioner. She loves painting kids' rooms and cabinets alike, so she is looking forward to hearding about your project and how she can help!

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