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- Amanda Faison, 5280 Food Editor

We hired Magpie and they did an incredible job. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and have been super receptive to all of
our requests

Talented decorative painters! Not only are they talented but they are great people to work with. They will work with your ideas to come up with even better solutions. Their work is better than I envisioned.

- CK Interiors, Designer

Magpie Painting specializes in interior and exterior murals, traditional and contemporary decorative painting as well as fine art. In collaboration with designers, builders, business and homeowners, Magpie Painting transforms empty spaces into vibrant, unique and creative environments one wall (or ceiling) at a time. 


Magpie Painting’s work has been featured in the San Francisco and Marin Showcase Houses, Elle Decor, Apartment Therapy as well as businesses and residences throughout Colorado. 




We love to think outside the box... or off the wall in
most cases. We create work with our clients that is
personal, approachable and leaves a lasting impression.

Magpie is the penultimate example of customer service and creativity. This dynamic team delivers time and time again with beautiful work that always exceeds our expectations! Not only are they incredibly talented, they are also fabulous people that we have had the honor to collaborate with throughout the years. Every project is dynamic, every project is on time, and every project leaves a lasting impression!

- Kate Pourhassanianon, HRI Design

Magpie is phenomenal! Some people know what they want right away, I don't. We just went through a major remodel, and we could not have done it without their help.

- Liz O., Client

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